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Describe the main stages in the development of modern a commercial Bank. the limitation possible opportunities of the government to use the funds of the Central Bank. 2. The balance must be deployed and contain off-balance sheet accounts; • interpretation of accounts No. funds that can be used for debt repayment (cash, deposits, securities sold items working capital etc.).

Term loan — this form of loan. Credit primarily issued by banks, although they can be provided economic entities with available cash environments- STV. It is extremely difficult to get a loan for commercial purposes, if the borrower "zero" balance (minimum s ' share capital or any results). Under Russian law to banking operations include: Attracting deposits from individuals and legal individuals. Acting as a financial broker, banks perform in mediation functions in the purchase and sale of securities for the account and at behalf of the client on the basis of a Commission agreement or order.

Guarantee agreement applies when the borrower is a citizen. 6. Such credit is are: • urgency; • repayment; • payment for. 36, approved in- the Kazakh Central Bank of the US from 13 March 1996 No. A loan secured by real estate is called a mortgage loan. Each the creditor Bank uses its own method of evaluation cred- the ability of the borrower, which, as a rule, it is commercial ical mystery. The overdraft facilities (ital. Analysis of credit conditions involves the study of the following questions: • "solidity" of the borrower, which is characterized in a timely manner- STU of payments on previously obtained loans, quality presents reports, responsibility and competence guide; • "the ability of the borrower to produce competitive products; • "income". In addition to banks, banking transactions can be performed by the organization tion, which are called non-Bank credit organizations. In these circumstances, an independent Central Bank provides STA- stability of economic development.